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Settlement Services

We understand the stress associated with buying or selling a property, and consider it our job to minimise the impact it has on you and your family by doing the legal and procedural documentation to take the load off you. Our purpose as settlement agents is to make it as easy as possible for you to prosperously navigate the Perth property market.

We understand the settlement process – so you don’t have to!

Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor, our first priority is to act in your best interests. We make sure all legal requirements are met and the necessary paperwork signed, sealed and delivered. We’ll also keep you fully informed at each stage of the transaction.

Efficiency and accuracy are the hallmarks of the service we offer Perth property owners. The highest priority of our team of conveyancers is your satisfaction. We specialise in:

  • Residential Settlements

Whether it be a first home, vacant land or investment property we look after all facets of your settlement from beginning to end.

  • Commercial Settlements

Buying or selling a property to operate a business from.

  • Change of Name

If you marry, divorce, change your address or simply change your name by deed poll, we can by a simple procedure change these details on your Certificate of title.

  • Subdivision Application

Whether it be a vacant land subdivision or an apartment block of 200 we can assist in the subdivision requirements for settlement and ensure the process is a smooth one.

  • Deceased Estates

When a loved one passes away we can prepare documentation to transfer the property to your name by survivorship or transmission by direction of their will.

  • Titles Office Services

The titles office (Landgate) is a critical part of the property settlement process from searching a copy of the title to lodging the final documentation to effect change of ownership.

  • Strata Titles

When buying or selling a strata titled property it can be a lot more in depth than a residential property.

  • First Home Buyers

When purchasing your first home it can be a very daunting process, at Lex Legal we can talk you through the settlement process step by step and take the stress out of your first purchase.

  • Private Sales

Whether a buyer or seller we are able to personalise your Offer and Acceptance contract and documentation to meet your needs.

Our professional staff offer you the following benefits:

  • We’re available for all services and enquiries.
  • Prompt, decisive response and service during the transaction period.
  • Continual liaison with you at all stages of the settlement.
  • Personalised service that will enable you to deal with your day to day matters.
  • At Lex Legal, our service is not only fast, but also efficient and accurate. Our team have an unmatched reputation, and our highest priority is your complete satisfaction with every aspect of our work.
  • Our Commitment is to provide our clients with a standard of personal service and build a relationship so that you remain our clients for the future.

Lex Legal is personable, passionate, proactive and professional. Talk to a Settlement Agent in Perth today!

Lex Legal Barristers and Solicitors, Notary Public can provide assistance with retail and commercial leases in a number of capacities. It is important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial lawyer before entering a lease, as it has the potential of becoming a negative impact on your business’ cash flow at a later stage.

Lex Legal Barristers and Solicitors, Notary Public can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, transfer options, duration, exit and renewal options)
  • Subletting of premises
  • Possible dispute resolution


Contact us to speak to one of our experience Perth lease lawyers about your retail or commercial leases.

Any person injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident that is not their fault will be covered for their injuries.  We can assist you by acting on your behalf as your car accident lawyer to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

There are many motor vehicle accidents in Australia and as experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers, we can make claims under the scheme for the following:

  • Drivers injured in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Passengers injured in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Pedestrians.
  • Motorcyclists.
  • Cyclists.
  • Bus passenger.
  • Train passenger.

We have a specialist team of car accident lawyers who handle motor vehicle accident claims.

With many years of experience, we are able to navigate you through the legal minefield as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

We will evaluate your claim and gather the required evidence to progress and finalise your claim as a result of the accident. No upfront costs involved.

Contact us for free advice.

Notary Public Perth

A notary public is not the same as a Justice of the Peace (JP).

Notaries public are senior legal practitioners who prepare, attest, witness and certify original and copied legal documents for use overseas.

Many professionals in Australia can witness signatures and certify copies of documents. For the purpose of legalising your document for use overseas, (i.e. through an authentication or apostille), DFAT cannot accept documents signed by these professionals. Only documents signed by Australian notaries public or Australian consular or diplomatic officers overseas can be accepted.

Lex Legal has notary public in Perth who can certify your documents and documents for legal puposes.

What can a Notary Public do for you?

  • Prepares and certifies powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Administers oaths for Australian and international documents.
  • Witnesses signatures to affidavits, statutory declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, and other documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Administers Oaths, Affirmations, Affidavits and Declarations.
  • Attests documents and certifies their due execution for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Verifies documents for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Certifies copy documents for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Exemplifies official documents for use internationally.
  • Notes and protests bills of exchange.
  • Prepares Shipping & Marine protests.

For further information on notary public or notarial services, please contact Lex Legal Barristers & Solicitors Notary Public.

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